Hey Darling!
Wrote you a few messages? OnlyFans must not delivering my messages to you?
Some of the messages were a little detailed!

For days it has been gray and rain here
At that very moment I read your last message
I swear the sun just ripped through the clouds
I closed my eyes and looked up at the sun
The amazing light, its immense energy and the comforting warmth
It just flowed over and through my body
An amazing wave of love and peace just overcame me
As I opened my eyes a butterfly danced and fluttered before me
And floated off so peacefully into the wind....

God lets me feel your love in amazing ways and I just to love to gobble you up!

I think of you morning, noon and night!
It just feels great, so right!
Wish to God you were next to me every day I wake up!
Want to feel the warmth of our amazing bodies together!
My God that would feel good, so right!
Share the energy we love of life!
I know I am to old, but just want to let you know you are one hell of a catch of some lucky ass dude!

Wear the socks you gave me for good luck! And it works! Tight as shit, but they work!

Love you with your ass sticking up out of your washing machine and you're wearing socks!
Apollo is so not a puppy anymore but cute as hell! My favorite color is purple, but don't think you care to hear that right now! You can feel the love in your house in your TikTok's! Feel the love you give your kids and the love they give you back! Feel the love of your home.

Love ya always,
Jeff (JD)