My New P-Spot Toy!

Waiting for this bad boy to charge tonight!

So my wife of 21 years
Sat me down one day
Said she was getting married in 2 weeks
To the a man she'd been fucking for 3 years
Sign these papers
Stopped me from being in my
Non-verbal severely Autistic sons life

This was 8 years ago
I have not had any sexual
Nor physical contact
With anyone for over 18 years!!

Just saying, so not out for any sympathy at all
What I want you to know from this
How you have truly touched a life
The immense love and integrity that you share
God, you just make me feel so good, warm and alive
You are truly my Angel

I know, so silly
This sock thing

But to have anything of yours
That has had the pleasure of touching your skin
Absorbing your magnificent scent