Sleeping Butterfly

Sleep my Angel


3/4/20231 min read

I can’t sleep without touching you
But I don’t want to wake you Interrupt a good night sleep
You deserve a good nights rest Just don’t you get used to it!
Not touching you all night feels awful
You so spoiled me rotten!
Thank you!

Get yer rest so we can
So spoil each other rotten some more
Your right next to me
But you feel so far away
Keeping my socks on
Stops my feet from wondering over
To your side of the bed

Hoping you would shut my laptop lid
And pull me close

Grab my feet and rub away my anxiety Scratch my back, down the middle
Suck my neck, tits and toes!
Massage my back, legs and ass
Grab hold of me
So want us to teach one another
Discover one another bodies How to make us both just explode
Absolutely explode
Make one another just feel so loved and alive

I so want to kiss, lick and taste your lips
Every night and every minute of the day
Want your soaked lips pounding against my face

So sorry Bunny, it is 12:27 AM I can’t help myself anymore
Gotta lay down and try to sleep
But that involves me holding your naked body Against mine like really hard I gotta feel you You can sleep while I am at work!

Love me ... Jeff