Right Now

Just want to put out my feelings, thoughts and my heart to you here



2/24/20232 min read

I just left your side
Hardest thing I can ever remember doing
So hard for me to stop loving you
Just love touching every inch of you
Discovering my Angel
Feeling the heat of your body
Your soft skin against mine
Feeling you
Our Love

Here is this beautiful woman
This amazing soul
A gorgeous butterfly that just floated into my life
Curled up against me, into me and wrapped around me

What did I do?
What the hell did I finally do
That made the God’s finally decide to give me you
To give us this gift I so want and know I need to earn this
That we need to earn and both want this together
Know we are both broken
But also know we deserve to have this
We deserve to feel amazing love in our hearts
Have all of this and so much more
This is our time

The past truly only exists in our imagination
And the future, is only what we think it should be
I have learned that life is happening to us
We are given gifts everyday
And its up to us to accept and allow them into our life
Accept the moments we are being given

We are so living in the now, right now
That’s what Jeff and Teresa have that is working
Right now feels so fucking good
Right now is all we will ever need

So amazing to be real, honest and raw with someone
And have it be worth a damn

To want to give and expect nothing back
To put no expectations on someone
Just enjoy one another, as we truly are

Look at us now...
To know we are the sparkle in one another’s eye
The grin that just won’t go away
We so make each other feel life again
We are laughing and crying, feels so good to want to be alive again

Love being the reason you smelled sweet roses on your kitchen table
Knowing my hands make you fall so softly into a deep sleep
Love to hear you call out to Alexa to play romantic country songs
My Blue Jean Smoking Hot Babe coming 'round the bend with her cart
Surviving Covid together

I just bought groceries for us for the first time
Had no clue what I was doing
But was so happy cause it was for us
Wanted to lower that AC1 for you

So love to cook
We just have to learn
What we like and do not

So amazing that we are at the just at the beginning of an amazing journey, yet it feels like we have already gone so far!
I am farting in the kitchen! Hear me roar! Well hope you don’t smell it!

We still have to....
• Go to Egypt and discover the pyramids
• You have to meet my Mother
• Hike a trail!
• Fly to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower from our hotel room
• Say are vows before before God, thanking him for our love
• Give that perfect birthday gift
• Get caught in the pouring rain at the Erie County Fair
• Red Lobster
• Trip to Canada to meet my Bruh
• Build a monster campfire and get bit by some skeeters
• Skinny dip
• Start a business together
• Give Jeff some hands on attention, rubs, itching and yanking
• Bring even more of our love to our families, share this energy

So dug between your toes tonight, thought you’d be like yuck.
Love discovering every inch of your body and soul

BFF Jeff