So you are the coolest fucking person on my planet! I really wanted you to have the chance to read this. Now, I just wanted to give you a look see into that sock thang. Not as creepy as you may have thought...
or maybe creepier!

I was a super shy sheltered young man once upon a time ago. Being the youngest, my mother so wanted to protect me from the world. The only reason I am here is because she had two boys and I was her last chance at a girl! So she did her best to shelter me form the world and turned me into the pussy she had desperately always wanted! LOL! She didn’t wanna make the same mistakes she thought she’d done with my brothers.

Until I was 12, my middle brother and I were inseparable. Not because we wanted to be. Our mother sheltered us from having any friends. So eventually, he out grew my sorry ass and found himself a cowgirl (literally, moo!) girlfriend (his current wife) and he never turned back.

So there I was, standing in the dust alone. Sure I had friends in school, but not outside of school. I’d never been to a friends house or had anyone come to my home, ever! The only other house I’d ever been in was my Grandparents. They kept their boots on, it was a dirt floor!

The first time I went to a house party is where it happened, at 13 years of age! At the door everyone was kicking off their high-top 80’s sneakers and running off in their stocking feet! (Does any one even say stocking feet anymore?) Socks and leg warmers were all the absolute rage! I’d never been around strangers in socks! Silly and simple that must sound. It was amazing to me to be with other people just so exposed, as I had never experienced before.

So not really a sexual thing, but yet it is. Socks simply represent an expression of innocence, to me. Someone letting a guard down. Feeling familiar enough with you to make themselves comfortable, just on a whole new another level in my world!

So it’s really just seeing a very softer side of another.

Graciously you gave/give me your gift of innocence! An immense gesture that just keeps on giving and giving me your monstrous warm love! You constantly fill my heart with amazing excitement and wonder! A warm comfortable place.

OKAY ! Here goes why I write you this dribble!

Our souls have met many, many times before in the past, also in the future and now in the present! I feel so at home and familiar with your intense life energy!

If you close your eyes and look directly at the sun. That amazing light you absorb is the power of the Universe! That is the mazing light you give me.

We share amazing minds and bodies that work 100 times faster than the rest of the world! Your feelings, thoughts, vibe and ideas , whatever... is Maylee. Insanely calming. Shit just feels so fucking good!

You have impacted my life in ways I can never express or explain! It’s like you came back into my life to save me again, as you’ve always have! Seven years after my divorce, you arrived. The days have ended of time dragging into years of just completely waste. Feeling sorry for myself and letting past dictate the present is gone.

When I first saw you on TikTok, as I said to you may times, you were the breath of fresh air that pulled me from the depths. Raw fucking Maylee is what has fired back up my soul! Don’t even get me started on our OnlyFans adventure. Talk about freedom and just raw energy! Un-fucking-believable!

Look, somewhere in time we fucking did some serious shit together! It just makes sense to me.

So back to what I started saying. Writing this for you just feels like it’s what I am supposed to be doing? And it really feels fucking good! How could not letting the powerful wind, that blew against my sleeping cocoon, awakened a Butterfly,!

Allowing me to spread my wings and fly again!

Hope it feels fucking good for you too, Maylee!

I am so your number on fan! We snuck off for a quickie on Noah’s Ark, made history at the drive-in in the back of my Dad’s old Ford and will bump into each other on Mars! Forever colliding in time!

Please just stay true to your heart, Maylee!
That the most precious gift we have been givin’ in this world.
A true heart

Love ya too pieces as I always have! And as I always will!



(JD is Jeffrey David, Jeffrey David Snow, thus the