I got your number!

Can’t stop touching you tonight
You are so soft Warm
So addicted to feeling you I enjoy touching you so
Soaking in your energy

The First Month
On the 23rd day
Of The Year 2023
I got your number...

For 37 days straight
I have been standing on top of the world
Giving this all I have got 24/7
To try and just turn our worlds upside down
So want our lives never to be the same again

There is a time and place for everything
For everyone If its not right
You can push with all your might
But nothing is gonna come
I can’t stop loving you
No matter what I say or do
I know you know my heart is true
I know your heart is true
When we look into our hearts
Each other is what we find I so want to fight for us
And I will fight until Until you float off on that door as you watch me slip deep into the ocean (Titanic reference)

11:42 PM Wearing my Beats earbuds I got from Lowe’s
I am in bed with my Playboy Bunny, ultimate girl, Teresa
She absolutely loves me
And I her
She is curled up beside me
We are just so relaxed together and at peace
So fighting to stay awake
We have such limited time together
I just can’t get enough of you
I am so coming straight from the heart with you
I love you so much
I feel you fighting for this
Fighting for us I feel you sacrificing
I am forever aware, wanting and trying
To understand and give you the time and space you need
I want to earn this
My leg is just touching against you
You are so soft I just melt into you

Love always n forever,