Found My Thunder

What happens when lightin' strikes...


So, writing just soothes my soul
Just let fingers message the day away
Lose myself and the bullshit of the day behind
So love writing to you

Lightening has finally struck Struck our hearts
The Thunder that followed that initial strike
Will forever flow in our hearts THUNDER I can hear you all the time
Like a monster truck stuck in the mud
A tractor at the end of it’s pull
The Thunder Fireworks in a summers night sky
All I want to hear is you
That Thunder
The sound of your voice
Thundering between my ears
Hearing your cute little yawn
Hearing you be comfortable enough with me
To break wind and laugh
To hear that laugh
To hear your heart pound against mine
To hear you moaning in ecstasy
Your snore is so soothing So amazing to hear you
Like a mighty lioness
With her mane flowing in the light of the moon
Growling in the peace of the night

It’s 10:30pm I am curled up next to you
Typing with the right
And exploring your amazing body with the left
The light of my laptop Is lighting up your amazing curves
Such silky soft skin is shining
Get to look at your tattoo You have the sexiest curves!
Can’t keep my hands off you
Hope against hope your not getting sick
So want you to learn how to
Satisfy you with my fingers
With my mouth and tongue
Want to taste you
Have you press your wet throbbing lips against my face
Want practice and learn how to bring you to ecstasy In every possible way imaginable
Discover every inch of your incredible body
Want us to forget about this world for awhile Let me take us far far away
Be that temporary relief of pain Give you my raw honest energy
Just totally expose ourselves to one another
Just, us Living together in the moment
So want to wake you up
And just make mad passionate love with you
Suck on those beautiful pink nipples until I can’t
Kiss your neck hard and strong and smell your hair
Gently puttin’ myself inside you
Finding you Those first awkward dry pushes
Slowly giving way to heaven
So safe and warm
So wet and tight Inside you,
Living only for that very moment
Feeling your warmth, energy wrapped around me
Gently ease into amazing your immense hot tight wetness
Feel myself against gliding against your tight walls

Making you cum so hard makes me cum even harder

Hearing and feeling us in that very moment
Escaping with you

What did we finally do to deserve this?